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Fate NSFW KM2 whole STL 3D Model Print

Fate NSFW KM2 whole STL 3D Model Print

You only purchase the stl files so you can print them personally to a 3d printer, you don’t buy a finished product.


Opened, Triangle

Instant download with MEGA. TXT file will Guide MEGA or Google Drive
After purchase, you will download a text file.
Open text, you will see a link.
Copy and paste the link into the browser.
After downloading the drive file (which will be in zip format),
extract the zip file and you will have the STL!
Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


you just need to unzip the RAR file, you can use the sofeware of WinRAR or winzip or 7-zip for Unzip,

then you can get the stl file from the RAR,7-zip free download link below

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